W alking the tightrope of addiction

Addiction is a cunning, baffling disease that slowly oppresses and takes control of those it affects. It is a family disease -- everyone in a family affected by one family member's addiction. Addiction transcends all socioeconomic, professional, racial, gender, and age boundaries.

Some people suffer from addictions that do not involve drinking or using any drugs. Using sex, pornography, or food (either too much or too little) to numb your feelings can be as destructive to mind and body as using substances -- and can just as easily lead to the loss of relationships, jobs, self-respect, children, etc.

The mission of all treatment is to help people find a way out of this progressive bondage of self-hate, shame, guilt, and the pain that comes with living with addiction and trauma.

With hard work, dedication, and counseling, addicts can treat this disease, reaching new heights in a life full of hope and graditude.

I create a safe, supportive environment to enable my patients to face these dependencies. I offer my patients a full assessment of the extent of their addiction, and help them learn how to get (and stay) clean and sober. My patients will learn Relapse Prevention and new coping skills for a world without intoxicating substances or addictive behavior.

Do you have a problem with eating, drinking, or loving too much?

Do you have difficulty with relationships?

Does partying get in the way of your professional life?

Does a friend or family member think you have a problem?

Are you obessed with your body or weight?

If you had answered yes to any of these questions, I invite you to call.

As a Certified Addiction Expert, I have helped many families, businesses, and relationships that are plagued by chemical dependency and other addictions.

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